Currency Futures

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A Currency Futures contract allows market participants to trade the underlying exchange rate for a period in the future. A currency futures contract is a legally binding agreement that gives the investor the right to buy or sell an underlying foreign currency at a fixed price on a future date.


arrow Protection against exchange rate fluctuations
arrow Fix prices for import and export purposes
arrow Take advantage of price movements in the exchange rate

Who should use this product?

arrow Hedgers seeking to reduce risk by protecting an existing portfolio against
arrow-white adverse currency movements.
arrow Speculators hoping to make a profit on short-term movements in prices.
arrow Investors looking to enhance the long-term performance of a portfolio
arrow-white of assets.
arrow Arbitrageurs looking to profit from price differentials of similar products
arrow-white in different markets.

How to use this product?

arrow Buy a Currency Future (long) when you expect the Rand to depreciate
arrow Sell a Currency Future (short) when you expect the Rand to appreciate

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